Free Whitepaper: Captives and Solvency II Reporting

A great deal has been written about Solvency II over the long years since the new capital regulations for the European Union insurance sector were mooted more than a decade ago - particularly Pillar I and Pillar II. For many risk carrieres in the market, Solvency II Pillar III has been left as the last component to be adressed - which is no small task. 

This whitepaper explains why Solvency II creates new demands for data management, pose particular challenges for captive insurers and how to perform Solvency II reporting in a straightforward fashion.


  1. Solvency II Reporting: A New Era of Data Demands
  2. Special Challenges for Captive Insurers
  3. New Research by Noria
  4. Pillar III 'pain points' for Captives
  5. Solvency II Reporting as Part of a Packaged Solution
Whitepaper Solvency Reporting in Captives.png