ebook: The Digital Insurance Industry 2025

Digital disruption is coming to the insurance industry. During the next five to seven years, the industry will go through more changes than it has done during the last 50 years. Within 2025, new technology that caters to the complexity of the industry will transform insurance as we know. New products will emerge and innovative distribution models will develop.

“The Digital Insurance Industry 2025: A Digital Transformation Roadmap” aims to provide you as an insurer or broker with a roadmap to navigate an increasingly digital environment and an increasingly digitised insurance industry. In this eBook you can, among other things, read more about the following:

  • The most significant trends and technologies that are making a foothold in the industry
  • How to start a digitisation process
  • Key areas every insurer and broker should focus their digitisation efforts on
  • How to successfully implement a digitisation strategy
  • How a successful digitisation may unlock new opportunities for various players in the industry


About the author:


Ronny Reppe is the co-founder of Noria Group. Prior to Noria, he served as the manager of an organisation that develops tailor-made software solutions for the insurance and nance markets. He has more than 15 years of experience within business development and leading large technical teams. Reppe holds a degree in software development from Sør-Trøndelag University College (HiST) in Norway.

The Insurance Industry 2025